Being a group of (not so) young videogame fans, we’ve created Gaucho Games as a way of capturing all our ideas. At the beginning we were not sure about which was the kind of games we were looking for, but as time passed, we realized that we really didn’t know what kind of games we actually wanted to do. This is one of our strengths, the fact that we do not focus on one platform or style, the fact that we can change according to what we want at the moment or according to what the game demands. We learn, discover and grow as we continue creating. We apply different kinds of methodologies and try to make our knowledge fit into each project we have. Our ideas factory is our most important advantage.


So...What do we do?

Games Development

Making games is our passion, and we feel lucky to do what we love!. Take a look at our original catalog!

Video Games for Companies

We also deploy games for companies. We are open to listen to your needs and offer you our experience and, what is even much more important, our love for what we do.

Our Games

This is our catalog of complete games and our works in progress. Don't forget to follow us to get news about our games!

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    Bondiola is a gore funny adventure where player will have to save a little cute pig from becoming meat in a factory. Jumping over other pigs and avoiding other evil pigs is part of the story. Super farts and burps are some of the abilities of the hero of this game.View page

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    Based on a mobile classic, Gaucho Snake is in a certain way a remake of it and in another, a new adventure game. We tried to mix the funnest part of the classical Snake game with challenging obstacles and bonuses.

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    Show your skills by choosing the correct pictures matching the words that appear in the screen. Challenge yourself by completing the 20 photos as soon as possible with the lowest amount of errors. Show your visual speed while you enjoy beautiful pictures.

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